Jan 28, 2021. Talks of a tie-up with Kaminac
After many years of business collaboration, Arkon is in talks with private company Kaminac Ventures Ltd. about a buy up opportunity. "Kaminac and Arkon have been supportive friends for decades. It is time for us to bring everything together," offered CFO N. Holub, "Kaminac will be welcomed under Fenris Financial and is a perfect fit for our financial division." Shareholders from both sides are expected to vote in favour of the acquisition later this year.

Jan 1, 2021. Arkon internal amalgamation underway
"We are really creating value and improving each division through this amalgamation," said CFO N. Holub at a closed door meeting. "Arkon will now have three very powerful divisions with great depth." Arkon has added Aloysius Pictures and its divisions to SoundTrail Productions, thus bolstering the entertainment and media capabilities of SoundTrail. Fenris Financial and Blackline Accretive will continue to function as they were. "We now have our own big three," Mr. Holub commented enthusiastically.

Nov 30, 2020. Crypto-moves are compelling
Arkon has seen positive signs in Blackline's operations and has decided to create a larger position in numerous researched holdings. "We are looking to really bolster our potentail crypto-gains over the next term, which should firmly position us for a move toward the public markets," commented Arkon's CEO Mr. A. Brittain.

Sep 10, 2019. Private funding floating-rate convertable loan issue
Arkon has accepted a private funding issue from Kaminac Ventures Ltd. The issue is in the form of a loan that carries a floating-rate of interest. The loan may be converted into subordinate shares of the company at the request of Kaminac and upon approval by the Arkon board.

Sep 6, 2019. Arkon Acquisitions Inc. name change confirmed
Arkon Acquisitions Inc. name change has been confirmed by the provincial government of Ontario. The previous corporate name has officially been changed from North Western Enterprises Ltd. to Arkon Acquisitions Inc.

Aug 1, 2019. Arkon framework for development plan
The board has approved the newest developmental plan that includes: a name change, new branding strategies, methods for raising acquisition funding including public issue of shares, an enhanced portfolio with target businesses, and a more fiscally accurate divisional structure allowing for the improvement of owned companies through the raising of funds on a divisional basis.

Jun 30, 2019. North Western confirms net income and positive outlook
North Western Enterprises Ltd. confirms positive net income for 2018. " The gains were net positive, setting us above many publicly listed small-caps," said Mr. N. Holub, North Western's CFO. " This bodes very well for us," he reaffirmed " we are moving into greater economic turbulence, looking to take advantage of underpriced targets." North Western retains a positive outlook for the 2019 year, going into a much anticipated global slowdown and potential recession.